Flower Power DIY

It’s starting to be the time of year to hang out until the sun goes down, leaves dust the ground, and colorful pumpkins lined sporadically along the porch.  But the true beauty of fall lies in the spirit of your very own DIY! I know it’s not difficult this time of year to find holiday decorations, but here is a truly special DIY you can add to your space outside or a perfect gift for your girlfriends. This fall bringing loved ones together, celebrating a new tradition and selflessly giving to others might be a good idea for your next bonfire get-together.

I always hate throwing away flowers, especially after people spend so much money on them so I came up with an idea to make any patio or garden space a little bit brighter!

1. Pick the petals off the stems

2. Place in a Mason Jar

3. Don’t forget your special note from a loved one

4. Place in any space that might need a little color or jazz

5. Enjoy your flowers forever!

Tip: dash favorite essential oil on petals, leave jar open from time-to-time to indulge

And there you have it, a simple DIY to inspire your left-over flower petals!

Best Wishes,



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