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September is national ovarian cancer awareness month and because I’m so passionate about inspiring others and showing them hope through my mother here are some important facts to know, along with a brief story of our journey.

My mom ended up in the emergency room complaining of swelling, in her abdomen. Then our world turned upside down when a scanned showed a 10.9 mass on one of her ovaries. It was like looking at a basket of fruit perfectly placed in a black and white photograph.

My dad and I spent the next few weeks at a local hospital in Houston, Texas that was supposed to be the best place in the world to receive treatment for cancer. Those weeks were a blur. I serious blur for us. Somehow, things turned for the worst and instead of being at the best place in the world, we received with the worst news in the world. This hospital sent my mother home to die. And this is where our story began…

My dad and I barely left her bedside, as we had never seen her struggle so much. Where we never thought we would see her enjoy the little things in life again. Within those weeks of returning home to plan a funeral, we were accepted for a second option through a God-sent answered prayer. We met an angel of a doctor at the cancer treatment center, who promised to do everything she could to kill the enemy that was killing my mother from the inside out, and that is just what she did. My mother went through an all-day surgery de-bulking the masses spread throughout her body.

Today, my mother is still battling for her life. Her ovarian cancer has come back three times within the past 3 years since diagnosed in August 2015. We are still undergoing treatments in Atlanta, Georgia, as the doctors, nurses, and staff have become like an extended family.

This cancer treatment center has opened to a new world to us. We have learned how serious ovarian cancer is, and how important it is for women to be aware of their bodies. Ovarian cancer is known as “the silent killer” because many women do not discover their disease until it is in the late stages, which leads to a short period of life. The reality of my mothers future is sad, painful, and heart-wrenching, but I would do anything to relive every single moment knowing she has had the best care in the world from a second option, that has prolonged her life in every possible way.

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If I could give someone a few tips it would be, to learn and know your body, and if you don’t have the right insurance or struggle with the first out-come of a result, you change your insurance and get a second option. It could very well prolong your life with your loved ones.

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