Why You Need A Straw Bag

An essential for any summer bag, a straw bag is every girl’s go to. In its true fashion a straw bag is the perfect beach accessory, while enjoying a little fun in the sun. Nowadays, you can find straw bags in a variety of styles that range in lengths, fit, and materials. But, if we are going back to basics, and pulling the from the fashion archives the straw bag has been around since the 17th century. Basket-weaving goes back forever! They are cheap and lightweight, a very practical way to carry goods.

The straw bags really didn’t make a fashion statement until the 50’s when straw clutches were the amongst the fashionista’s of those times, and then you can imagine how the 60’s and 70’s began to carry the wicker basket status. Today, designers continue to look for new ways to innovate the straw bags when it is woven or plaited, using various patterns.

I’m bringing a new style to the blog from time-to-time that will allow you to see how afford and easy it is to find something super cheap and practical when it comes to pulling off those high designer trends. This straw bag is no different than ordering a straw tote from say, somewhere like Net-A-Porter. I found this bag while in Georgia touring a cool flea market. It was tucked in a corner and the bedazzled beading caught my eye. I have used the bag faithfully after baseball season. It has been my fun go-to summer piece this summer.

One of the things I love most about a straw bag is that it offers more versatility in a year-round wardrobe. Don’t be scared to get creative and adapt your straw bag as street style in the Fall or as outerwear in the winter with your favorite knee high boots. The straw bag is here to stay!

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Pictures by Jocelyn Phillips Photography


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