Five Suggestions with Retro Road Trip

If you know me well, you know I love to invest in fun graphic tees. My first graphic tee was when I was a baby. My dad went to New York for a week and came home with an “I heart New York” tee for my mother and I. This began the many, many fashion trends throughout my life. From the love of a kid with my favorite “ALF” tee to my pre-teen years with the love for “New Kids on the Block” tees that took my closet by storm. I still have a few of those wrapped in my closet. Although, I always look to get my cost per wear out of any item I purchase (a priority for me no matter if the piece is high end or not) I find that I truly get the most wear out of my graphic tee collection. From day to night I love to dress them up, dress them down and make them the focal point of my style. I recently added serval new graphic tees to my closet collection when I visited this cliquey little shop called, “Retro Road Trip”. If you are totally obsessed with retro clothing like I am, then you have to stop by and check out Retro Road Trip. They have some pretty sweet flash back items that I’m sure you will love to have in your own closet.

Here are some helpful suggestions when choosing the right graphic tee for you or a gift for others.

1. Material

2. Practical

3. Wear what makes  you feel good

4. Purchase what you can afford

5. Trend – just because a graphic tee is trending doesn’t mean you have to support what everyone else is wearing. Only buy if it truly excites you not for the image.

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