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Every time we head back to the cancer treatment center, we stop by the monastery to see my grandmother. The weather was perfect this day, the parents were happy to be traveling in beautiful weather, and did I mention we were loaded down with coffee and wine in the trunk of our rental. We always deliver goodies to the nuns whenever we can.

We also brought a few goodies from my aunt and uncle’s garden and toted them along with us.  The bright yellow squash was so beautiful! When we met my grandmother in the parlor, I had never seen so many nuns happy and excited!  It was a pleasant treat for them to receive something different to add to their normal menu.  The nuns waste NOTHING being able to cook something a little different was a pleasant treat for them to receive. I can remember one nun in particular dancing off with the squash, her long habit flowing in the wind as she turned to run toward the kitchen.

As we settled in to enjoy the visit with my grandmother, I found myself giggling at the nun’s excitement to have so many bottles of wine. You see, the nuns are allowed to have a glass of wine on special feast days and special occasions such as Easter Sunday. Which I kind of thought was cool, I mean it makes me feel better about wanting to become a nun later on in life, you know, if I get to have a glass of wine at dinner! Ha!

Speaking of nuns, I came across these books from The Catholic Company called: “Sisters of the Last Straw”. I have included the links below so you can check them out. What an awesome series describing the mysteries in a convent! These books are just too cute not to read to your children. I can only imagine the little things that happen in the convent where my grandmother now resides and I hope to be able to share some of their stories with you guys! Especially if wine if involved! HA!

If you ever get a chance, please don’t forget to keep the nuns in your prayers. They are in the front row of the battle lines praying for our world.

Best Wishes,

Kacie Carlson

Here is the link for the nun series book.

The Catholic Company


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