Fairhope Alabama | St. Lawrence Catholic Church

As I’m journaling my sons world series, I wanted to incorporate a pleasant little town we stayed in called Fairhope, Alabama. This small town provides a quality of life for the rich, and I had no idea what I was doing there. This intimate nature of a cozy community manifest a shopping experience like no other with streets full of the most elaborate shops on every corner. After darting around stores I couldn’t afford (more like window shopping, which I’m a pro at) I stumbled across something I can always afford more of … Jesus! Welcome to Saint Lawrence Catholic Church in Fairhope, Alabama, it was a few block downs from our hotel, and I couldn’t have been more excited to tour it. Catholicism is my lifestyle. From ACTS retreats to small group scripture studies, there’s always something going on in our church community, and that’s why I light up when I come across the same lifestyles when traveling. It makes my day a little brighter in knowing the teachings of Catholicism. One day I hope to have the essentials of an effective and fruitful prayer life in full communion with the church. Today, I want to share five spiritual teachings of the Catholic Church I’m trying to commit myself to.1. Seven Sorrow Rosary2. Novena to St. Jude3. Receiving my confirmation (another story for another day)4. Improving small works of Mercy5. Attending Mass faithfullyHow do you lift yourself up spiritually? Best Wishes,


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