TLC For Your Skin | Take The Calming Approach

Whether you have sensitive skin or sensitized skin, TLC is a must. At home gritty exfoliators and deep peels have got to go if you have sensitive skin as me. Here are a few suggestions and products I use, that may help your skin as well.

1. I love the gentle peel pads, which has calming and antibacterial properties. If sensitivity is focused only on the cheeks, which it often is, treat your skin in zones: take a calming approach to the cheeks, and use the harder hitting actives elsewhere on the face.

2. Hydration is key for sensitive skin. If the skin’s barrier isn’t hydrated, it isn’t able to protect itself against environmental allergens, which trigger inflammation and the redness that goes along with it. However, hydrating skin without exacerbating breakouts can be tricky. I navigate this by using lightweight serums, as they can be layered without feeling heavy, while still getting moisture and soothing actives deep into skin. My current favorites are Dr. Gross C+ and MarioBadescu Vitamin C serum (FAV). I’m also using Biossance Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum at the moment, which is calming rather than hydrating, to soothe redness and balance skin.

3. Sensitive skin is less resilient to UV rays as the protective barrier tends to be thinner. If you have rosacea, exposure to sunlight can trigger it, while any sort of inflammation can exacerbate pigmentation under the sun’s rays. Put simply, sunscreen is absolutely essential. I love Estée Lauder night time repair.

4. You’d think that probiotics have more to do with your gut than your skin, but the two are intrinsically linked. Taking a good pre- and probiotic. Most of the time you can find these at your local health store.

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