The Henry Howard Hotel | New Orleans Garden District

The Henry Howard Hotel offers everything you expect as an unforgettable stay in New Orleans, and more!

1. Location: Set alongside one of the most iconic historic streets in New Orleans in the Garden District neighborhood, Henry Howard has one of the best locations for a hotel as your base to experience the city. It takes less than 15 minutes to arrive to the hotel from the French Quarter. Then you are walking distance to Magazine Street, where you can hop in any great shop to explore the local food and style of the city.

2. Architecture and Interior: Designed by the one and only Henry Howard, the building was constructed in 1867 and has been reimagined into an inspired 18 bedroom, luxury boutique hotel. The lobby, or lounge more like, is filled with beautifully curated artwork and furniture. The guest rooms offer an eclectic vintage-meets-chic vibe, with playful touches such as mixing instruments with patterned wallpapers and vintage yet cool furniture. Plush mattresses and cotton-soft bed linens keep things extra cozy. Bathroom counters are stocked with Beekman 1802 luxe toiletries, and each room as a gourmet local assorted snack tray. The hotel also offers complimentary use Wi-Fi. We particularly loved our room, which connected our very own balcony, giving us the prefect “chill-laxing” sitting area, and the perfect amount of privacy.

3. Amazing Restaurants: you really don’t have to travel far to check out one of the best New Orleans restaurants of the Garden District – Commanders Palace. Then in the evening, all you need to do it take as short troll to reach a sip of wine at Coquette. However, as a guest of the hotel, my mom and I chose to stay in our room the entire afternoon to enjoy what little time we had before we left the next morning. We cuddled in our robes and ordered a pizza from Slice Pizzeria on St. Charles Street. Then we simply enjoyed the beautiful afternoon with our favorite show, “Everybody Loves Raymond” and I couldn’t pass up by telling you the Henry Howard Hotel offers hot chocolate chip cookies complimentary delivered to your door.

4. Friendly and Thoughtful Services: all the staff we interacted with, from the receptionists, housekeepers, everyone was friendly and professional. They made our stay truly comfortable and welcomed.  The hotel also offers a Garden District self-guided walking tour. The tour allows guests for fun stops at surrounding historic landmarks. Such as, plantation homes, mansions, cemeteries, and restaurants. A true New Orleans style, no?

All in all, we absolutely loved our stay at the Henry Howard Hotel and cannot wait to go back.

Definitely, a place to recommend to our family and friends, too!

Best Wishes,


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