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Embracing what Mother Nature gave me. Who does that? Not me. I have tried everything. Thankfully, there are good beauty salons out there to help. Salon La Belle & Day Spa has everything you need for a good blow out if you are uncoordinated like me. Sometimes it’s delightful to allow someone else to pamper you and the girls at Salon La Belle are waiting for you. I’m a firm believer when it comes to hair care that you should stick to the professionals when it comes to chemicals and cuts of any kind. You can dye your hair all one color yourself, but when foil is involved, go to the professionals and I beg of you not to take the shears to your own hair. Here are other great tips when going to your favorite hair salon.

1. Although you are going to a professional salon to get a beautiful hairstyle, keep in mind that your hairdresser is not a mind reader. Every single time you go to a salon, tell them what you want and communicate with them. Repeat your wishes throughout your visit.

2. Get a classic cut if you are afraid of taking the extreme route to shorter hair and it’s always worth spending the extra money more frequently until you get the hairstyle of your dreams.

3. Highlights fade faster on darker hair. Know what you are getting into when taking a dramatic color change to your hair. Going for touchups can get pricy.

4. Don’t shampoo every day. This will shorten the lifespan of your color and rob your hair of it’s natural oils. Natural oils can hold a style better and make it shiner. This is what products are for. Spray leave-in conditioner during washes.

5. At all cost, avoid triple-processed, fried to a crisp blowouts. This is something that can’t be rectified, even by a good stylist. .

If you are local and you are looking for great service, then step into Salon La Belle & Day Spa. Get to know your hairdresser and tell them about reading this blog post. You will get 15% off your purchase if you do.

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