Top Foundation Items You Need In Your Closet

The main problem with fashion and the magazines that worship it is this: what is “in style” isn’t necessarily your style. What looks fantastic on a model is more than likely wrong for your figure.

Because every women has a unique body trap, and fashion is such a personal form of expression, it’s useless to recommend a certain style as “essential”. There’s no one item of clothing that suits everyone.

Remember that personal style is as much about confidence, carriage and pride as it is about what you put on your body.

Here are a few foundation items to have along the way:

Good pair of black pants

Flattering little black dress

Neutral-tones skirt in a classic cut, mine personally being A-line frame and pink tones.

Perfect pair of jeans

White button down shirt

Solid colored cardigans

A few bold pieces



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Pictures | Anna Buller

Outfit: kicks | Micheal Khors

Bomber Jacket | Gianni Bini


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