That’s A Wrap

It’s a rainy morning right on the edge of spring. Anna and I was just about to shoot outside of The Steep House and BAM it starts pouring down rain. My hair is unsalvageable from the frizz and my heels are cover in mud! The morning was a hot mess and by accident, I swear, I flashed Anna while trying to figure out how to adjust my new top. I kept telling her how sorry I was. *if you’re reading this Anna, sorry again! Ha! Finally refocusing after running in from the rain, we stepped inside the teahouse.  I’m so thankful for crazy, rainy days and friends like Anna! Some mornings just start out rough. I once heard that rain is divine. When I hear the trumpets of thunder and see the flashes of lights, I try to see the beauty in the storm.

How do you spend rainy days? Here are a few tips to get you out in the rain.

1. Share a meal with someone. Sharing meals with people is one the best ways to lift your spirits on rainy day. Enjoy the company, and taste every bite of food. Invite one of your favorite girlfriends out to lunch or over for dinner this weekend!

2. If you’re having a bad morning, take a minute to regroup. Try getting your adrenalin pumping by running out to the mailbox or just laying back down in bed for a few minutes.

3. Run outside in the rain. Seriously, get re-energized as the cold-water drops hit your face and shoulders! Close your eyes and let the rain wash away your pain

4. Let go of those old habits that no longer serve you.

5. Throw up your arms like a child in the rain.

Today is your day! Remember, the sun will eventually show its warm face from behind those clouds!  You’ve got this and that’s a wrap!




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