Tribe Collective | Vegan King Cake

As I’m still welcoming 2018, I’m also welcoming a new diet plan… slowly. Recently, my lovely friend and fashion photographer, Anna, introduced me to vegan food. I noticed that she and I shared similarity with how our bodies process unhealthy foods. I have experienced digestive distress for a while now and I thought nothing would stop the stomach annoyance. I’ve decided to take control of my own health through nutrition, and at the age of 33, I am relearning how to eat.

The most positive impact on my digestive health has been incorporating more of a plant base diet. However, I say I’m practicing vegan but I still can’t let go of my shrimp! Embracing healthy foods and cutting out processed foods, is becoming an enlightenment that is proving beneficial for my body and mind.

You too, can experience these changes. Tribe Collective is a smoothie and coffee shop that specializes in healthy foods. This is a place where not only you can get healthy foods, but at the same time, shop for creative gifts. Now, I’m not going to lie, the first thing that I saw about Tribe Collective is that it’s connected to a gas station, but don’t let the gas pumps throw you off just because its connected to a gas station, don’t let that make you think it’s not a nice/classy/inviting place. . . .  try it out anyway….

Tribe Collective enables you to bring healthier foods choices into your life. Whether you are just starting out or haven’t had a slice of king cake in two years, (Anna) these pictures from Tribe Collective will hopefully alert you to what you’re putting in your body!!

Anna and I were excited to get to watch the chef at Tribe Collective make our king cakes. While she was making them, I asked her if she was a vegan herself, I was shocked to hear, she was NOT a vegan. She really enjoys helping people and she really enjoys cooking.

Another question I asked, was if Tribe Collective sold a lot of vegan king cakes locally, and surprisingly enough, she said, NO! She said, that they do however, ship a lot of vegan king cakes to others states!

Now don’t that just cut the cake!!!



Location: Tribe Collective

Pictures by: Anna Buller

Purple Top: Mimosas Boutique

***Special thank you to Tribe Collective


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