Stellar Beans Coffeehouse Cafe

I went on another excursion with the lovely Anna Buller, we met at Stellar Beans Coffeehouse which is located downtown Lake Charles. To get straight to the coffee house, I stood at the bar amazed at all the assortment of goodies that met my eyes when trying to pick the perfect drink from their menu. After Anna was telling me more in detail about the shop, I discovered you could rent the place out. It was interesting to know you can display your art and/or have a private party with your closest friends and family.

Moving on, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I did not actually purchase a coffee. What I’m holding is actually the best cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever laid my lips on. NO joke people! I swear the hot chocolate at Stellar Beans was so tasty with every single sip, so smoothing and creamy. I swear it had a hint of coffee in it. So delicious!

To sum it up, if you frequently visit Lake Charles or the surrounding area, you need to make a stop by. A coffeehouse such as Stellar Beans makes the perfect oasis for some leg stretching and refueling. Sit down to a comfy couch and listen to a guy playing music on his guitar.

Lastly, I’m always encouraged by the growing number of coffee establishments popping up in the local area. Stellar Beans is a pleasant mix of warm lighting, cozy décor, with a menu plenty to choose from. It’s worth the effort.



Location | Stellar Beans Coffeehouse

Pictures by | Anna Buller

Beret| Du Jour Beret

Blazer | Mimosa Boutique

Jeans and Top (old from) Victoria Secrets

Boots (old similar here) UGG Boots



  1. Ginny
    January 26, 2018 / 8:52 pm

    You’re amazing!

    Thanks for sharing.

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