Take The Time To Small Talk

Make the time for small talk. Spending a little time getting to know someone can clear your head and soothe your stressed-out soul. And it can be as simple as a smile. When you walk up to someone, even at a local fair, you immediately see a persona of the exterior of a person. You and I both do this with or without judging. However, after you engage in ‘small talk’ do you often find a new sense of gratitude or maybe a connection, maybe you can even relate to how they are feeling?

Why you should do it –
Getting to know someone outside of your bubble can benefit a person’s well-being.
Maybe it can help elevate your mood. Make you feel grateful for what you have. Vice versa
Reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety and in addition to increase self-esteem from your social skills.
Help booth short-term memory!

How to make it happen –
Make the time. Almost the number one reason people are so judgmental! Make the time to get to know someone! The next time you are taking a stroll through a festival take the time to get to know a worker or a stranger. You’re already standing in line anyways!

If you need motivation, create a buddy system with a group of like-minded people. Start a group.
At the office? Take the time during your lunchbreak to invite someone to lunch or dinner. It’s being invested in a more productive paying it forward way.
These are just simple and small ways to make a better community grow.

Anna and I got to know a few of the workers. The majority of the workers were all from South Africa. I would have never guessed this, would you? They also said they love their jobs and through Golden Star travel to nine different states.

I wanted to ask them more but didn’t want to dig deeper. It was all through small talk and getting to know someone alittle better. 🤗


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