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I know there are some of you who have been attending the ‘BeauFair’ since before we had our own Iphones, but in the past few years, it seems like festivals beyond this little small town have really taken on a completely new persona. Especially in the blogging and fashion world of the younger generations, so where does this leave the middle age women who has children but still want to be stylist and hip?!
This is why I LOVE the new line from Target called, “Who What Wear” it’s absolutely the cutest and affordable clothes out right now for those middle age women who want to be comfortable as possible, all the while skipping and running around with my child in total ease and style. Festivals can go all day long, and you never know what to expect, so your outfit should be strategic.
First off, pay attention to the weather. Chances are if you are in Louisiana, you are going to be sweltering hot! Thankfully, this cute top from “Who What Wear” is very lightweight. The sleeves give it an extra side of cuteness with wrap around bows. I styled it with a fun pair of polka dot pants from JCrew, added an extra kick with a fun print backpack, and toning it down with a pair of old kicks. Here are some extra ‘mom’ festival tips I would like to share.

1. Choose items that are lightweight and easy to move around in.
2. Be cautious in rompers. They are so cute but are a pain to use the bathroom in and if something happen with a wardrobe malfunction, it is All. One. Piece. A good idea is to bring an extra outfit on standby.
3. Fabrics that show sweat marks! HELLO. I have a serious sweat problem, so material like silk is not a good look for my armpits! #keepingitreal!
4. I’m such a fan of backpacks, (especially as a mom or caregiver) if backpacks aren’t your jam, try a fanny pack or cross-body bag. Don’t laugh, but fanny packs are cool!
5. Try to shy away from dresses. I know sundresses are cute but remember dresses have a mind of their own!
6. No matter if you have short or long hair, try to style a fun braid. Mine however, was a little weird, but I went with it!

Last thing take the time to enjoy your children or whomever you’re with. Do not stress over a wardrobe just have fun with it!
Happy Fall Ya’ll!



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