Through My Lens: Top Ten Things To Do When Reconnecting With Your Childhood Girlfriends

From the time I was in the 3rd grade, Jeannie and I became childhood friends. I moved in her neighborhood and our connection started through an old wooden fence, that separated her home and my grandparents. Like any little girls we shared a love for Barbie’s and riding our bikes until “dark-thirty”. But those adventures slowly faded, as two teenage girls would find that pigging out in front of the TV, watching “Days Of Our Lives” would be much more pleasing. Never the less, something about our connection grew into an extended family. She would be a part of my life, no matter the different paths we took down our roads.

Childhood friendships are everything. They give you a refreshing moment of the “good ole days” and if you’re an only child like I am, then it’s the closest thing you have to siblings. And for this reason, this is why I came up with 10 reason to always stay connected with those you grew up with. Do you have special places you go, when you get together with your childhood friends? Those funny, most outrageous times, you will never forget?

1. Watch an old movie that came out while you were in high school. A classic is “Clueless”. Make a slumber party out of it, call your old girlfriends up and pile up on the couch.
2. Enjoy a silly, unhealthy snack together. Growing up we use to make little pizzas on English Muffins, they were so delicious! This isn’t for diet. It’s for enjoyment.
3. Travel down an old road together. Some of my favorite memories were traveling down dirt roads, listening to 50 cent, with the windows down. Take a new road trip.
4. Indulge in some selfies together.
5. Break out old pictures and look at your fashion trends in those days. Old year books!
6. Be spontaneous and jump in an old swimming whole together. Bring food and crank up the tunes.
7. Write each other an old note like you would do in class. Send it to her in the mail. Write on the bottom with your girlfriend’s name, “Best Friends Forever”.
8. Pass by a favorite hang-out spot. Even if it’s not there anymore. Stand by it and take a selfie. Ours was the skating ring.
9. Order old shows such as, “Anne of Green Gables” and send it to them as Christmas gifts. Sometimes doesn’t have to be new. Send them something old. They will value something old faster than something new.
10. And finally, remember to keep in touch. Never forget where your roots are and who was there for you.


***these are lifestyle pictures of Jeannies family. She is married with two children. ❤️


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