Vintage Tips | A Style Investment For Your Closet

I can’t express enough how much I love the 70’s. I’m so happy it always makes a return to fashion time after time again. (What a style investment for your closet.) This look I’m bringing you today is a very easy and casual style, and when wore together it screams vintage. And that’s just what Fall 2017 is about. This season I want to incorporate more of these pieces into that vintage shade. I paired this ‘Free People’ yellow sundress with these vintage suede heels. I came across these soft puppies in an old thrift store that was soon to be going out of business. As with every venture, I love finding pieces that build my personal style. And this place was just that. You never know what you will come across when you are vintage shopping, it can be just as successful as your last online shopping spree. Here are some tips when thrift shopping that may help you on your next trip.

1. The standards to the items you hold when you choose to buy “new” remain the same with vintage: I always say quality first!! Being vintage expect imperfections but be still be cautious of to how long your vintage piece will hold up for you to enjoy. I always like under, in, out and around my piece. And I don’t care if you can wash a vintage piece or not – I never buy anything that smells. Especially the smell of cigarette products!

2. Avoid purchases simply because they’re “unique” or simply “decade related”. Are you shopping to wear or display? Learn how to quickly move quickly through the aisles. The less taxing and allergy-inducing, the better for me.

3. When it comes to jeans be on the lookout for Levi’s, Wrangler, Rustler and Lee. What are the washes you are drawn too? I love the lighter wash jeans, 1990’s babbbeee!

4. Vintage blazers! Determine the neutral color you’re looking for. Beige or black is a good place to start. Anything to cray-cray after this with patterns will more than likely be clutter in your closet space. I hate blazers tight around my shoulders and under arms. When you’re in the dressing room be sure to swing your arms forward and to the sides. With eras like the 1980’s and the famous shoulder pads! No thank you!

5. Vintage tees – I can NEVER have enough soft, vintage tees. They go with everything and anything. Avoid STAINS and CUSS WORDS on tees .. it’s just not classy.

6. Button-down shirts, yes please! Wrapped them around your waist with a black maxi dress. You will be surprise by how cute this looks with booties this Fall.

7. Clip-On Earrings! Who doesn’t love vintage jewelry! Jewelry should never be too loose or too tight or too heavy! Turn your head from side to side you will know if it’s a fit or not. After all, you could be dancing in these with your honey.

8. Don’t be afraid to shell out bucks for something you really love on your vintage trip. Understanding the style and era of any vintage piece is well worth your investment for your closet.

Lastly, enjoy your pieces after all you are bringing them back to life!!

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