The Magic of South West Louisiana

There’s something about the Louisiana culture that makes people fall so deeply in love with it. The calmness of waves crashing against the shoreline as the sun slowly descends and cast a golden haze over the ocean. it makes the water sparkle, the sand glitter, and makes you feel lighter than air as a breeze brushes across your skin. Many, many times I take a ride out to the end of our shorelines, the futurist you can travel, makes me feel like I’m seeking peace in my heart. There’s nothing like the golden hours at the end of the ocean in South West Louisiana.

During my visit to the shoreline I was able to capture some beautiful shots of Cameron parish. Sometimes, the muddy waters just amazes me. After a walk down the beach, exploring the interesting Cajuns that are fishing, dabbling our paws in the cold water, and watching the shrimp boats tug a shore, I realized how much I appreciate where I live and how I need to take advantage of this place more. Even though we don’t have the crystal clear waters or the white translucent sand banks, I’m super grateful to only live 45 minutes from the ocean. Golden hour happens everyday and can be experienced anywhere, but out by the gulf coast is slightly more magical. There is nothing like living in South West Louisiana.




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