Kids In Fashion Week And Beyond

These kids had a huge appetite for life. From their personalities to their fashion statements, they embraced the run way with some pretty impressive style. Any Fashion brings out the most committed cat walkers and these kids were no exception to the rules. My first fashion show was so much fun and I’ll never forget sitting with some of the best SWLA photographers throughout the weekend. I few things that I come to realize about a fashion show is that they never start on time and this gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to the people I came in contact with and would also give me time to check out the back stage events.

Before you know it, the lights go deem and the music starts. Most of the time, the shows are usually over within less than 10 minutes or so but these little kids were so much fun to watch and time felt like it didn’t last but a minute or two. I don’t know about you but I think these little fashion divas are going to experience great things in life and in the fashion world.




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