One Way to Explain The Process of Cancer To A Child

Here is a DIY to teach and explain cancer to a child. What you will need:

1 white table-cloth


Play Dough

I started by tracing his body on a table cloth. He really enjoyed this. He kept saying, “mom don’t mark on me, and then ended it by saying, “wow look how huge my hands are”. – sorry I’m not a good artist. However, after the tracing we dived into the play dough.

Then we labeled our dough,

Red – good blood cells

Blue –  cancer

Yellow – CT Dye

And this is how I explained it …

Nanny had cancer that started in her female parts, where girls have babies. The cancer was growing so big that it was starting to spread to other places in her body such as, her liver, belly, and neck.

And sometimes cancer likes to hide up under the good blood cells …

That’s why CTCA (cancer treatment center of America) has special equipment to take pictures inside nannys body. Sometimes they use a special dye to help light up the cancer when it hides under the blood cells.

Also, when the doctor removed all of nannies cancer they send it to the laboratory and study her cancer. This helps them to find out which medicines will work better for her to live longer.

Once they decide on which chemo to use, the chemo then goes into nannys body that helps destroy the cancerous cells.

It attached to the cancer like this and then it mixes in the chemo like this

This is what’s helping keep nanny alive.

There are so many other DIY to help explain to children the process of cancer but I found this way to be the most fun for us. If you would like to see more DIY projects, just comment below and let me know what you think! Happy Labor Day!

*** thank you cancer fighters for sponsoring this blog post



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