Through the Roads that Lead You "Home"

It’s not how you get on the field that matters, it’s not even what you do with the ball that makes the player … it’s how you respond with each other as a team. It’s a team that leads to you championships and somewhere in the mix bonds and friendships are connected forever.

I’m so proud of the young men, my son (#10) is around. Although, Cameron doesn’t really care for baseball much. I know right!? He always says, “I’m not playing next year” and by the time “next year” rolls around, I can tell the excitement of being around his friends that help encourage him.

The pictures I captured below are from this past weekend and a few previous games before, which both lead them to a championship ring. Now, I always say I’m not a professional photographer, nor do I want to be, but the lighting was so perfect this day. The sun was starting to set and the cool breeze felt like the most perfect baseball weather you could ever imagine.

Sometimes you just need to focus on the benefits that Mother Nature gives you for moments like these, with a trail of dust leading you “home” to see what happens next.

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