Are You To Hard On Your Child? Ten Tips For Young Baseball Players

It’s a question that most of us fight against if you have children in sports or any activity you put your child in, no matter what it is we are in the middle of doing: Am I too hard on my child? We (I) wonder, in the middle of my workday, having married into the coaching life and most importantly as a mother. Let us remember this first: none of us are perfect, we all raise our children differently, but with all the same purpose in life, to hope we raise them to be successful and know right from wrong.

The age my son is at is a critical age. They are learning and watching our every move. During this time of growth, is it worth our wild to take a step back from the demands of the world we face and just allow them to enjoy the simple rules of life. Such as, the after school activities we force them to be involved in. Is it worth their values to be so hard on them? Maybe we can re-evaluate this age, as too many people try to make it into rocket scientist and just allow them to have some good ole fashion “play time”. Here are a few tips for your baseball season this year.

  1. The simpler the better. Period. Stop trying to make them into pros.
  2. Parents in the stands and coaches on the field, be positive and try not to be too critical. Show them their mistakes in the back yard with a game of catch verses hollering at them in front of their teammates and crowds.
  3. Pitching – throw strikes
  4. Battling – be aggressive
  5. Fielding – make route plays
  6. Out Fielding –  route fly balls
  7. Running – Don’t be afraid
  8. In Fielding – catch the ball
  9. Catching – blocking (catching is hard)
  10. See the ball, hit the ball, catch the ball

Finally yet importantly, NEVER think you are better than your teammates. Support one another. Have Fun!



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