Lent Series Adult Prayer Cards | Week Two

As I continue into my second week of the lent season, I thought I would give you a little peek inside my adult prayer cards. This year I didn’t give up anything but with the occasional “no meat” Fridays. However, I want to do more, give more and spread a little happiness to my prayer life.

For some of us, praying has been a part of our daily lives. But for others, like myself, hasn’t come so easy. One thing that I firmly believe is not to give up on the power of prayer. Believe me, Matthew 17:20 Say, “If you have Faith the size of a mustard seed…” I’m sure you have all heard that verse at some point in your life. Many people have very real reasons for feeling this way. Life happens and it’s easy to turn off your Holy Spirit. I know mine has been on the back burner time and time again. Some people want to simply receive an easy answer to fix whatever problem they’re facing. I do! One of my friends once said to me, “Kacie it’s like you magically want God to pick you up out of your situation and toss you away”. It doesn’t work like that. She was one of the first people to put into words what I have come to understand in time. YOU have to do the work and YOU have to keep the Faith. The truth is wherever we are with God, it is good to be reminded that in order to have a relationship, we have to start somewhere. Each morning is a fresh day to begin.

My prayer life has no rules, no boundaries, no time limits; it’s mine to do whatever my little heart desires and how I please. It is however, encouraging that God knows us inside and out, I know he know my heart and I know he enjoys hearing everything that comes to mind. I guess the value of my time has changed and I stop procrastinating, I stop planning, and start doing. I try to make a point in my day to pray. 

Even if it’s just to say thanks God, I needed that. I have found it very helpful using these prayer cards and very resourceful they include a daily Saint to pray to as well. (Saint Pardre Pio is one of my favorite Saints) I have enlisted his prayer card for this week below….

Especially when the words aren’t flowing. 

He is always there.



He might even be in a prayer card you just read.







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