Lent Series with Prayer Cards | Week One

We have made the first week of Lenten season and whether you are a Catholic or not, one thing is for sure – you’re bound to have some fun with these prayer cards. You may not know exactly how lent works and that’s ok, but with the help of these daily prayer cards you will certainly be on the right direction for a successful lent or an inspiring year ahead of you. First, what do I mean by “prayer cards” you may ask? Well, the clue is in the name prayer! My son and I each have a stack of 40 (40 days of lent) daily prayer cards we read each day until Good Friday. The prayer cards are marked by the sweetest symbols of praying, fasting and giving. At times, I know it can get confusing, so I believe in teaching Cameron in the smallest of ways through our Catholic Faith. I’m so glad in this day and time we have access to help teach our children in different and unique ways.

For the first week, we started with receiving our ashes on ‘Ash Wednesday’, his first pray card explains in the simplest of ways for a child: “ashes are a symbol of the dust God used when He made us, wear your cross of ashes”. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Whenever he got in the car, he pulled down the visor mirror and studied his cross of ashes for a moment. He was so proud. He never really said anything but you could tell in his actions, specially, knowing his paw-paw had the same cross of ashes on his forehead too.

I’m going to give you a sneak inside two of my favorite cards so far on this first week of lent. One the cards we read was to, (kind of an arts and craft project, and for all you home school moms I just know you will love this) make a forty day prayer chain. The card tells you to cut paper into forty strips. However, we made ours out of forty sticky notes, with a poster board and stuck it on his bedroom door. We came up with our prayers, some was heart-touching and some was the silliest of them all.

The next one is my ULTIMATE FAV card EVER. I don’t know if this one can be beat! It was day five, “Make a decision to say only good things about yourself and about others all day today. Tonight, think about how it went. Was it difficult? How did it make you feel?” How many times do we tell our children something good about themselves verses getting on to them? This card touched me so much. Not that I get on to my child a lot but I feel so sorry for the children that never get praised.

And lastly, I want to add, just because something is a ‘seasonal gift’ or a product of a ‘special occasion’, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it all year around. For instance, take the pictured hero box that was a Christmas gift for Cameron. Now it’s a perfect keepsake to store his daily prayer cards in.

I hope you enjoyed this little series I’m working on because there is so much more coming up on the blog. From sharing different ways you can use your seasonal gifts all year round, to ending this series of our prayer cards from now till Easter. And HEY – who says the Easter bunny can’t add these prayer cards with a hero box in a cute little basket this year?!!

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