The Cross and the Beatitudes

For me, I have always struggled with a slight form of dyslexia. I use to never raise my hand during class and reading in a group session I would suddenly have to, “run to the restroom” when it was my turn to read. I was always ashamed of my English and grammar in school, but the truth is I really enjoy reading. Only I have to read the paragraph over multiple times to comprehend the words and really focus as the story comes to life.

Because of my shyness, I never reached out for help. I did what I had to do to pass, but I never could catch what the lesson was about, or how to use the correct words and the correct punctuation marks when writing. By the time I got into high school, I was more worried about fitting in with the older crowds than where to place a comma or semicolon in any English class.

Now that I’m older and trying to make this blog successful, you could only imagine how scared I am for you to read the stories about my life and the things I share. It really is making me learn the easy elementary lessons I should have asked for help with back then.

Thank you my sweet Cameron for helping me when I can’t say your spelling words correctly! 🙂 even though I know you want to laugh. 🙂

My English and grammar mistakes are not the only lessons I’m trying to repair my life on before it’s too late. I came across this book called: “The Cross and the Beatitudes” Lessons on Love and Forgiveness. I thought this book was the appropriate time to invest some time in. Being that I try to suit a book around what is happening in my lifestyle and since it’s the beginning of Lenten season, it has been refreshing to read the word of Jesus and a reminder of His love.



you can find this book and many other great reads at via The Catholic Company.

Thank you the Catholic Company for sponsoring this post.

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Hey Peeps! I'm Kacie, a 30 something year old dreamer with a love of all things. I'm a shy and very quiet girl from Louisiana. I grew up on a farm in the middle of watermelon fields and dirt roads. However, it was in the middle of those roads where my journey began as a child. I would like to think that I can always return to where I’m from when life is overwhelming. I enjoy baking, gardening, eating, photography, & all things country-related. I’m also a cradle Catholic who enjoys learning more about Catholicism. God has put my Faith to the test on several different occasions throughout my life. I’m a caregiver to my mother and this is where starting a blog began.

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  1. This is really something, Kacie. We are so lucky to work with you and be blessed by your voice and efforts. – Everyone at The Catholic Company

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