A Simple Way to Accessorize Your Window Seals This Spring

A Simple Way to Accessorize Your Window Seals This Spring







Are you looking around your house thinking what can I do to freshen it up around here or wanting to add more life in your home? Well, look no further than out the window! Bring a little outside in! Our poor ol’ flowers down south are confused with this Louisiana weather and most of them are starting to bloom early this year. Which means, I get to open my windows and enjoy a taste of Spring. Nothing I love more than opening up my windows and airing out my house. I absolutely love the idea of cutting fresh flowers and having them displayed in my window seals. which lets face it, floral shops can get expensive! So if you have access to flowers in the backyard make use of them! It can be done in seconds!

Look for more upcoming Valentines post and a bathroom makeover coming soon!


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