Six Items On My Fall Essential List

This Fall I’m showing myself a little love with these great fall essentials. I’m starting with fire. Literately. I have two scenes that I can’t live without Amber Wood and Frankincense. I recommend both for this time of year and did you know that Frankincense is a stress reliever? Yep! It’s a fact Jack! It helps lower blood pressure and did you also know that Frankincense is throughout the Catholic Church used as a source for prayers?

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I seriously should have been a teacher. I love stationery items. Is it weird that I get excited walking into Office Depot or books-a-million? It’s almost like throwing glitter or confetti in the air. IDK. Anyways, this Kate Spade planner has been a great investment for me. I love staying organized and making sure, I’m not missing something important like my best friends birthday I missed a few weeks back. AHH. The agony!


Up next I have my new Too Face palette but it’s not just any palette it’s the peanut butter and jelly palette. I dont know if I’m getting to old to get so excited about makeup but this little guy makes me want to two-step across town. Ok, not really but the colors scream fall and it’s been making me want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like crazy!


Along side of my peanut butter and jelly palette I have been wearing my go-to fall favorite lipsticks. I went with my NARS stick and then a much lesser version of a color by NXY. I love NXY products because they are fun to sit in the middle of the isle and decide which colors I want to play around with.



Ok so this cookie cutter, if you can’t tell what it is – it’s a Sasquatch. Yes folks a Sasquatch!! I can not wait to bake and make these cookies! Fall has me in the baking mood and I just recently purchased a bunch of different cutters. You should hear the conversations with a little boy over this big foot ordeal. It’s so comical. Nothing beats those heated discussions.



And last but not least, my fall favorite is getting excited about starting my Christmas list with the new fall Catholic Company catalog. What’s on your Christmas list this year?


I hope you enjoyed my fall essential list.





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