Making It With Mom: Enjoying Autumn Apples

In my ideal world, I would like to think I would live like Reed Drummonds in a way and live off the land. I would have a collection of farm animals such as: cows, goats, chickens and miniature donkeys. They would all live under great big apple trees surrounding my farmhouse. I would pick fresh apples that looked like this:


I would have a cute little chicken coop, where I would pick fresh eggs to mix in my tuna fish sandwiches that would look like this:



I would garden and have a yard full of flowers with fresh daisy’s and bake a beautiful/not so beautiful cake like this:


But unfortunately, I am not Reed Drummonds. However, I am excited to share more of my cooking and baking adventures with you on my blog. Click the categories drop down box to see more. If you’re using a mobile device click the little box in the top right hand side with the 3 lines in the center.

I’m so happy today is the first day of fall. Make you a tuna fish sandwich and a spice cake for dessert. Throw some apples in both and enjoy a picnic in the leaves! You never know when you will never have the opportunity to do so again. What are you excited to eat this fall?






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