Seven Things To Inspire You For Fall


I am a bit obsessed with scarves right now. The only problem though is that it’s HOT as FIRE to wear them around my neck in this Louisiana heat. However, scarves are a great transition from summer to fall. Start with smaller scarves, (I’m personally loving these from American Eagle) like the neckerchief that turns your scarf into a chic choker. The look I am bringing you today is perfect for the fall festivals and fair day ahead of us. Rompers are the perfect outfit for your fair look and adding a pair of booties brings you that perfect cow girl look! Top it off with a backpack! I love this time of year to dig into my drawer of cozy accessories like scarves! What are you looking forward too this season? Here are seven things I’m trying to go by for myself and hope to inspire you as well:

1. Do what you love. Love what you do. When you are passionate about something your life is richer. If not your job, then start a hobby! Mine will be enjoying the great outdoors more this fall season.

2. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. My mother is the perfect example of this – for me it’s forgiving myself.

3. Spread beauty – and not just the makeup kind

4. The more you give in life that more you give back

5. Keep it simple. Try not to over think situations

6. Be a sponge – it’s my birthday (tomorrow) and I’m amazed of how much I have learnt over this past year. The older I get the more I learn a great deal about life and myself

7. Do your best, just breathe and be who you are!


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