Meaningful Home Designs

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged guys – I know what you’re about to say – (you think) … Yep!

At times you don’t realize how much you need a hobby for yourself so you can let loose and breathe. This is my time for that extra breath for myself again.


I’ve always been into decorating, like major decorating for birthdays, holidays, company parties and last but not least my interior side.

I can remember being a little girl in school and not paying attention in class but really focusing on the bulletin boards. Oh how I would always love to get my hands on them. Or being at home and watching my sweet little mom rearrange furniture.

My own home hasnt been any different. I’m always thinking of ways to reorganize my space for myself or for company.

Rooms are like albums that provoke memories what you decorate with should remind you of a street you wandered down or an experience that made you happy.

I came across this painting of these two old shrimp boats nestled along the pier and I knew I had to invest in this for my home. Not only does this painting match perfectly well with my other home decor, but at the same time, it takes me back to spending a girls get-a-way down in the marsh lands.

it will always be a mini reminder of a happy time in my life and a memory with laughter around a fire, sleeping 3 on a fold-out bed, crying over the classic steel magnolias movie and knowing that our bond will forever be unbreakable.

This is exactly what I mean by falling in love with your home decor. Everyone should live in a space that hugs you back when you gaze into it.

Your home tells your story – make it a good one!





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