Making it with Mom: A Family Tradition

Do you have a family tradition? Any family recipes passed down from one generation to the next? My family does and it starts with all of these ingredients!


IMG_8816My family has a tradition of making and rolling our own homemade hot tamales. It has been a tradition ever since I was little. Mostly in the winter time and around Christmas dinners. I’m sorry but you can’t beat homemade deer tamales during hunting season.

This has been such a fun recipe to make with kids. It allows them to really get their hands dirty and teaches them how to follow directions. However, it does call for a lot of chili powder so you might want to give your own flavor and change up the recipe a tad when cooking with kids.

*A hint on making the perfect tamales is using a meat grinder. It really is key to getting the perfect texture you need.

I seriously think I could stick my nose to the ground cumin bottle all day, it smells so good!!

… More details coming soon




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