Parenting Reminders

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There are reminders of you everywhere. Sweet little baby pictures and old “backyardigans” DVDs stuffed away in your closet of the ‘not-so-cool’ movie collection anymore and little drawings hung on the wall from kindergarten, but now the famous sport jerseys are hung in your closet and the birthday wish of getting an IPhone is swirling around in your head this year.

Being the overly sensitive mom I am, I have often felt alone and feeling as if I’m missing out on the new adventures of transferring schools and feeling as if I haven’t spent as much time with you as I would like nowadays. I have worried myself sick on what your little heart has felt in the months of us going through cancer with one of your best friends, as you refer to as nana “banana”, but seeing and taking pictures like these raises my confidence in knowing you are right where you need to be in the middle of friends, love and laughter.

Its just another reminder that God gave me, YOU!




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