Aura Cacia Essential Oils and Rose Seed

I haven’t really did any research on these oils or know much about them so if you are an oil wiz please feel free to comment below and share your knowledge with me. It didn’t hit me till over the weekend that my sweet friend brought to our camping grounds. She explained the benefits of having a vaporizer. Her vaporizer I believe was from young living and has so much more than oils to choose from.
This had me curious so I recently walked into my local “Get Healthy” store and found them. The oil that stuck my eye was the Frankincense bottle. I guess cause my Catholic faith and being raised in the Catholic Church, my dad has always had a love for the smell. Although, I must say since I have asthma I have to walk out of the house at times because it’s overwhelming. I remember attending an ACT’s Catholic retreat one time I had a full-blown asthma attack during mass one night. It was so bad; I had to run out during reconciliation. It was the worst!!
Now most people think these oils are the new and trendy thing to do, but reality people have been using these oils for a very long time! I mean hello biblical days! I know these oils can be used in a wide range of emotional and physical wellness. I would love find out more information about these oils, if you have any recommendations or how you use your oils, I would love to hear about them. I purchased the Frankincense and Eucalyptus oils.
Not only do I love the fact that Frankincense has a masculine smell but I heard one of the benefits from the oil, is that it helps lower blood pressure. The health store where I purchased these at also mixed the oil in a spray form. This makes it more enjoyable and convenient for spraying it in my jeep to get more of the Cathedral smell that I love.
And I’m finding out that Eucalyptus helps with asthma and with spring coming up, this surely can’t be a bad thing.

My mother and I both have the rose oil we use it as a moisturizer under our eyes. It leaves your face soft and gives you a nice springtime glow.
What are your favorite oils?
How do you like to use them?





Xoxo – love your mothers



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