Happy Valentine's Day From ParadiseRoads

I haven’t been blogging as much this month but it is all due to good reasons. I’ll get into that a little later, as for now I need some much needed time away and what better place to regain your thoughts then walking on the beach hearing the waves crash into one another. Now our Louisiana beaches are not the white sand, crystal clear blue waters you  envision. Our waters are just the opposite very, dark murky waters and mushy muddy sand bars.

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It’s much like how I’ve been feeling. So many times a day I walk with my head down but dont worry I’m not going to damper your Valentine’s Day reads when everyone is full of love today. In fact I’m embracing and realizing that I need to love myself more. As women we all should. A lot of us do walk with our heads down.

I was so happy over the weekend to get away for a little girls trip, it turned out that an unexpected 20 mile drive from where our camp was, was one of the greatest highlights of our trip. True, wasn’t anything fabulous or special but as I was walking with my head down looking at all the broken seashells that the gulf coast had to offer I realized something.


That tiny voice inside of me told me to look up. So many times the world passes us up and we forget to look up. We are constantly with our heads down, thinking about past experiences, deep thoughts of how our life should have been or scrolling with our thumbs on all the social media apps. You know sometimes I think that is exactly what the devil himself wants for us to look down on his level but what if we start to listen to our voices more and look up, look up to higher things …



I mean sure, you may come across a few unbroken shells like we did and walking on our muddy beach but what a beautiful sight to look up and see the ocean, to hear the waves crash against one another. I was definitely sure in that moment we made the right choice.

“We love because he first loved us” – John 4:19

“walk in love” – Ephesians 5:2




happy Valentine’s Day everyone


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