The Little Red Cheerleader Bag

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I think we all have that one item from high school, we just can’t get rid of. For me, I have 3 very large trunks full of “memory lane” stuff, but what is the funniest thing ever is, I still after all these years, am using my old Jr. High Cheerleading bag to travel back and forth from Georgia in. I know – that is so funny but if you know me, you wouldn’t expect anything different. I’m sure I have been getting the strangest looks in the hotel lobbies, but never-the-less, I’m pretty sure I can toss my bag on the vintage train with my Dr. Martens and Girbaud Jeans, right? The 90’s where the best!
However, there is no greater feeling of what old memories do for me. The small smile your eyes make when you see it in front of you. For some, it may be a special old softball Jersey, (yes, I still have mine) a fluffy blanket made by grandma, old recipes that make your house smell like pure comfort, or even returning to the home you grew up in with nothing out of place in your old bedroom.

It can be all these things combined or it can be nothing at all but a simple thought at times.
This old cheerleading bag brings back memories of my mom. How no matter what she always let me do whatever I wanted in school, she never missed a game or for that matter she never missed a single practice. She went to all the cheerleading camps with me and was with me every step of the way, as I’m trying to be there for her as she has battled cancer.
So this is part of the reason why I created a blog, a space where I can fuel my inspiration, my thoughts, my passions and coping with the lifestyle that has been created for myself. It is where I can go to tell my heart and soul and stories from my past, present and future. It has been a constant reminder of what I’m working toward and what I want my life to be. Since I created my blog, I find myself getting excited and enjoying the things around me a little more, the images that I have captured and memories to look back on.

I’m so glad it’s been this little red cheerleading bag for me after all these years.
Now, i feel like it’s time to retire the ole bag, Im on a desperate hunt for the perfect weekender. I think it’s far overdue for a nice bag.

Do you have any old stuff you can’t get rid of or still use?


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