January Bucket List

Ok guys, I’ve seriously had the worst week! Someone side swiped into my car, work was super cray-cray and on top of everything else – I dropped and shattered my iPhone and couldn’t blog all week because of it! Thank goodness I’m getting a little light va-ca with my parents headed back to Georgia.

Im really looking forward to this chemo round because it’s her L.A.S.T round of chemotherapy, hopefully –


God has been so good to my family.

Yesterday morning I woke up to another sound of my moms voice patting me on my forehead asking if I was: “ready to go Georgia”. I don’t know what it is, but there is something that brings me back to my inter-childhood of the sound of my mothers voice waking me up.

We didn’t go out to eat very often while I was growing up. Dining out at restaurants was truly a treat for me and my family. On occasion, my mom would plan all kind of wonderful “new” meals. One of my most favorite meals to eat was breakfast and I mean breakfast at any time of day. Hot butter pancakes at 7:00 in the afternoon or a nice warm grilled cheese topping off the bedtime snack. Yes! Sign me up, please!

Through this cancer journey we are experiencing, my parents and I have tried so many wonderful places to eat traveling down the interstates. For one I never realized just how many Crackle Barrels there are. At 5:00am we were sitting by a nice cozy fire with just a couple of old timers beside us.


I’m always been a country girl through and through and I feel like those will always be my roots and it’s where I want to plant my roots and grow. I have such a mad love right for traveling, exploring and adventure this year. i thought I’d share my January bucket list as of now.



  1. Try to get outside, even for just a few minute.
  2. Biking with my camera in the basket
  3. lossing track of time and watching the sky for an entire afternoon
  4. to feel the wind on my skin and the warmth of the sun  in the sand
  5. travel – even if it isn’t far away from home

and most of all enjoy the time with my family, teaching my son that its completely normal to eat hot pancakes late at night and show him what it’s like to live life the the fullest





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