Living With Chemo pt.7: A Fast Drip, Drip Reaction


One can’t possibly receive chemotherapy fast enough right? Well, unless you’re my mother who has turned out to be “super hero Hennigan” you can.

My mom is doing two sets of chemo. The first one she is receiving an IV which is a four-hour drip. Her second round is what you call a belly wash. The belly wash is another three-hour drip, unfortunately with the belly wash requires her to turn from side to side every 15 minutes, like a rotisserie chicken.

While laying in bed her nurse walks in and told my mom she could let her belly wash drip faster since we drove and that would allow us to get a head start to beat the morning rush. So, which normally takes three hours for a belly wash, my mom was about to do it in an hour.

Couple of days later while my mom was working she started feeling flushed, as if she was experiencing hot flashes, ruby red cheeks like ol’ St. Nick.

For two weeks my mom broke out in a rash like   a speckled egg. What was happening is that my mom was having a reaction from the belly wash that pushed through her so fast.

Thankfully, it resolved and she is back to normal. However, to answer my question, one can’t possibly receive chemotherapy fast enough?

NO! You can’t.

Even my super hero mom.

If you ever have to go through the belly wash and when ask to have a faster drip. Don’t rush it.






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