Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

I’m never sure of what my mom and my son reaction will be when I say, “I’m going to take some pictures”. I’d like to believe that they would be excited every time and I know they only feel in ways it is helping me cope with the fact that my mother has cancer.

It doesn’t. 

In fact, my mom has told me: “Kacie no more pictures”.

Sometimes it makes it all more emotional to write my thoughts down and express it to the world. I write and take pictures and journal mainly for my son to be able to wrap his head around everything his mom has been through and is still going through someday when he is old enough to understand. I’d like to think one day he can be proud of his mom and what I’m trying to accomplish, to be happy and to live out many fears and dreams through blogging that has taken on several of the dares that both trill me, like fashion or terrify me, like cancer, death and the road to happiness. The mistakes with lessons learned and the disappointments. I’m still searching for what so many hope to find, and certainly though blogging, many can relate and understand the same struggles. I’m not always going to have the words to say but sometimes pictures are all you need to tell the story. They reassure us comfort in that moment of time. While, I sit and think of my next blog post wither it’s about snapping pictures of my child spending time with his nanny, wither it’s about cancer and how much it has robbed my life with my mother, wither it’s about posting a cute fashion post that somehow takes my mind off of life at the time or wither it’s about love itself – the minutes are ticking, the sun is fading and as do our thoughts but for now this pictures are enough and no matter what their reaction will be when I say “I’m going to take some pictures” at least I’ll  capture their reactions and the moments we have shared, even when there are no words to say.



These pictures crack me up. We missed all the events at a local tree farm the day after, due to my mom having to work on Saturdays, (At least she is working) so we decided to take a little drive anyways. We got there and it was like a ghost town. However, nobody got in our way for pictures that day. My mom and Cameron had the most fun scratching a donkeys back none-the-less and was able to steal all the loving from the farms “guard dog”.







image image image image image image image


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Hey Peeps! I'm Kacie, a 30 something year old dreamer with a love of all things. I'm a shy and very quiet girl from Louisiana. I grew up on a farm in the middle of watermelon fields and dirt roads. However, it was in the middle of those roads where my journey began as a child. I would like to think that I can always return to where I’m from when life is overwhelming. I enjoy baking, gardening, eating, photography, & all things country-related. I’m also a cradle Catholic who enjoys learning more about Catholicism. God has put my Faith to the test on several different occasions throughout my life. I’m a caregiver to my mother and this is where starting a blog began.

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