Black Friday Mail Route

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I’m sitting down this dirt road as I’m watching the leaves fall hoping to surprise my mom as she creeps upon me delivering your Black Friday and your Cyber Monday sales papers. But what you don’t see are the tears behind the stirring wheel in fear of this weekends road trip to receive a CT scan and her 4th round of chemo from ovarian cancer. However,before I get to the tears here are a few pictures I captured before I spoke with my mom on her route.

IMG_7639 (2)

IMG_7643 (2)

IMG_7646 (2)

IMG_7650 (2)

IMG_7635 (2)

I know know what your thinking, ok not very many pictures taken or editing done on these. That is because it was the very beginning of her route and I was excited to get more along the way until I seen the sadness in her eyes this morning.

Approaching her mail truck, I somehow missed the words I was about to speak of hey mom I’m going to follow you around today, as my mom said “Kacie feel this”. What felt like a bouncy ball size mass in her breast. Maybe it isn’t what we think, but then again maybe it’s actually what we think it is.

We are leaving for CTCA Sunday morning. What now is a short and sweet prayer post. Im asking all of you – friends, family, the blogging world and all of my social media friends to keep my mom in your prayers once again as we head for a CT scan and the unknown to what the outcome will be.

May you all have peace and comfort for anyone who is experiencing pain of cancer.




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