Living With Chemo Part 3







If you are going through chemo you really want to boost your immune system. Through CTCA and all the information that they gave us, I know how important it is to keep your immune system UP, especially with the flu season in full swing. Every time I walk in my parents’ house I head straight for the sink to wash my hands and I make sure my little man does the same. My mom is flying out Sunday so I’m starting to FRAT about her being on the airplane with all the germs around her but what you eat and put in your body is always first line of defense in staying healthy . Stick to killing germs by washing and make sure you use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

CTCA gave us a booklet of healthy fighting foods, and since chemo changes your taste buds, I’m going to be writing about a future post on tips but in the meantime, here are some vitamins you may want to check out.

They say with Chemo everything will taste like metal. So far, no metal mouth yet but CHEMO will kick your tail, it kicked my mom’s for 9 straight days. It seriously took all she had for her brain to tell her hand to pick her spoon up and eat. It’s like you are just there, just kind of – BLAH and I mean B.L.A.H

(if you are experiencing chemo or have a love one going through chemo treatments, I can’t express enough how important it is to make sure someone is with you or them at all times when they are going through their worst days of chemotherapy, if you are alone, CALL ME, I’ll come sit with you)

The good news, she is feeling better but the bad news is that in 3 days she is flying back for round 2 and this time when she comes back, she will start losing her hair. (I’m actually really excited for the reveal of her new do!)

Immunity –

Avocados, Kale, Broccoli, cabbage help the liver flush out toxins, fresh ginger can help with the organs, and Vitamin C can help reduce cold symptoms not just for chemo patients but someone healthy like me and you. Don’t forget yourself either! Also, probiotic such as yogurt are healthy bacteria that fight off germs.

ZINC and Potassium is two of the most beneficial pills or foods you can take while undergoing chemotherapy. CTCA stressed ZINC and Potassium the most.

To me, nothing on this Earth taste better than chicken noodle soup when I’m feeling down.  It’s warm and comforting and studies have shown that chicken broth has anti-inflammatories to help relieve that yucky feeling symptom. It will also hydrate you and is packed with electrolytes which help retain more fluids. Don’t forget that Tea is a powerful fluid. Specially green and black teas, they contain antioxidants.

I have enlisted a few vitamins for not only to help those that may be experiencing cancer but for your own health choices as well.





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