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Sometimes in life you experience something and think “oh my gosh, there needs to be a book about that” but thank goodness for actors and warren brothers that have made cheesy, girlie, chick flicks like the “Notebook” and “Titanic” over the years. Reality is you don’t see couples dangling off the side of cruise ships or kissing in the rain during a lighting storm. The only good that comes from movies like that are snot rags. But what I have wittness in REALITY is a couple growing old together and the meaning of what growing old together should be like in every way and a great man taking care of his wife like no other.



You see their story started over 32 years ago in a small backwoods school house, that at the time, never had proms or Friday night football games like today. Their Friday nights consisted of conversations around an old skating ring floor, which lead to their first date at a movie theater watching what is now a todays classic film E.T.

As any couple growing old together, they have been through their fair shares of hard times, disagreements, fights and fears of separation, but most importantly they have always made it work through love and laughter.

because if you don’t have love, what do you have?


If anything good has come from our journey through cccc-ancer (sorry it’s hard to say that word sometimes) is that, I have watched my dad be at my moms side for hours upon hours.

Meaning – “hey dad why don’t you get out for a few hours, I can sit with her” he would reply with: “nope, she don’t go, I dont go”.

I have caught my dad crying around the side of his truck in fear of losing his other half. I have also, witness a man who has prayed the Rosary over her bed side many nights in the hospitals and at home asking God to give him a few more years, months and days with her.

I have also watched him fix her toast at 2AM, mash potatoes at 5AM and share Cheeto’s at 8AM with his wife and many, many more intimate moments between the two of them that has made my heart drop. Sometimes, it’s really sad to know it takes cancer to bring you closer together but sometimes you truly find the meaning of life through drastic events all at the same time.


The day before I went to work, I obviously spent the entire day with my mom but when she called my dad to see when he was coming home, she started crying and said: “I love that man”.

Just as she would sign every letter as he opened it with “I love you”

Before text messaging and cell phones there were once what you called paper and pencil! In high school they would write letters to one another and mail them back and forth. They still have every letter, every anniversary card, every birthday card and every envelope to this day.

image image image


If you are a lady of a man dime like my dad – count your lucky stars and know that you are blessed to have a man of God in your life that treats you like a princess.

To the women who feel stuck in a bad relationship, to those of you who you fear you will never have or find your soulmate … Just continue to pray. And don’t ever settle for less then you deserve. Always keep pushing for what you want, it should never be short of bliss.





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