Living With Chemo Part 1

Hey everyone. I’ve been looking forward to sharing and explaining all the good ingredients, herbal medicines and vitamins that I’m helping my mom put into her body while she undergoes chemotherapy, but these last few days have been the worst and I haven’t had the opportunity to write about anything.

Today as my mother is resting, I am going to share with you what I’m learning through supplements and how I’m helping my mom through this journey. Maybe you will find these things helpful, if you have to experience the same as a caregiver/patient or if you just want to take better care of your health. I hope you all enjoy the next few blogs on Living With Chemo and hope to inspire you anyway I can.

First things first, let’s get one thing out-of-the-way: Its been bad. The sickness and side-effects of chemotherapy will kick your butt! The day my mom arrived home, I found myself needing strength and courage to help my mom the best way I could. That being said, all my mother has done for the past 3 days, has laid in bed crying. As fresh as it is and still on my mind, I will never forget her telling me to pick her head up because she didn’t have enough strength to place it on a pillow herself. That is how zapped her energy level is right now. Her tiny little face covered with a cool rash rag and all I could see were tears slowly rolling down her beautiful pale skin.

Thats putting it mildly.


I don’t know what is more devastating seeing my mom so sick or being able to see every bone in her body right now, because thanks to cancer and chemo my mom weights 95 pounds, (exact weight) of the constant busy scheduling from crazy flight travel times and receiving chemo immediately after surgery that can burn calories like no other for even the healthiest person – much less a cancer patient.

So today I am going to share the kind of chemotherapy treatments she is receiving.

Chemotherapy. Just a fancy word for poison…


…And then it was a Tuesday night at CTCA.

That being said, the surgery took a little longer than normal because the doctors had a hard time with the adult ports. Not only is she small but her ribs are close together which meant her adult ports couldn’t fit. So what do you do when you can’t have adult size ports?! Call in the pediatric ports. Yes, my mom has pediatric ports and that is perfectly ok with me.

Around 7:00 in the afternoon she was placed in a chair to receive her first round of ‘poison water’, which started flowing through her veins. My mom unfortunately, had to have two ports, first is called the ‘belly wash’. This type of warm chemo goes directly into her abdomen for 4 hours and will take care of anything that the naked eye couldn’t see during her ‘search and destroy’ surgery that she previously had. If you ever have to experience this, be prepared have a nurse come in every 15 minutes that will have to turn you from side to side. Thankfully, she will only have two rounds of this special belly wash.



Immediately after the belly wash she was hooked up to the chemo IV which lasted another 3 hours during the night. Needless to say, she strongly pulled an all nighter before leaving at 5:30 to catch a flight home.

In inclusion of my part 1, I would like to add a little something my mom said – way back in the MD Anderson days, (Days I like to pretend never existed) but while waiting for the doctor to come in and tell us he didn’t feel comfortable operating on my mom.

I was sitting with parents and my mom says this:

“wouldn’t it be something, if we could all be like those see-through fish”

Do what mom!? As I giggled a tad.

“Yeah, you know those see-through fish, the type of fish you can see their back bones, that way when someone walks by you they can say, daaaamn something is wrong with you, you need to get that checked out”.

Only my mom would come up with that scenario!


Well, wouldn’t you know after a day of being at the cancer treatment center of America, I found this fish necklace. I haven’t taken it off around my neck, since the day I purchased it in a bouquet called Fab’rik downtown Peachtree, Georgia.

Funny how bazar things work out like that.



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Hey Peeps! I'm Kacie, a 30 something year old dreamer with a love of all things. I'm a shy and very quiet girl from Louisiana. I grew up on a farm in the middle of watermelon fields and dirt roads. However, it was in the middle of those roads where my journey began as a child. I would like to think that I can always return to where I’m from when life is overwhelming. I enjoy baking, gardening, eating, photography, & all things country-related. I’m also a cradle Catholic who enjoys learning more about Catholicism. God has put my Faith to the test on several different occasions throughout my life. I’m a caregiver to my mother and this is where starting a blog began.

4 thoughts on “Living With Chemo Part 1

  1. Kacie
    I love reading your blogs. Pam is special to because her parents, are one of my best friends. Also I worked with Pam a couple of years. Please keep us updated & if you need anything call me. Prayers still going for all of you! May God bless you, you are special daughter! Love you all!


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