Not Just A Catholic Thing

How do you show your gratitude to an entire community?! The only thing I could come up with, was writing a post in a blog. Go fig right! Right!

If you ever face a medical crisis (any crisis for that matter) than you can understand the importance of having your family to lean on. However, we never expected the entire community we live in to give a helping hand. Whenever someone would call or text they would ask: “what can we do for you and your family”. “Can we get you anything”. “Please, whatever you need, let us know”.

The only thing my parents and I could ever say to anyone was – just pray, because we believe the more prayers going up the better the outcome is going to be.

You know you always hear about fundraisers and benefits through the news and social media and you think: “man that is so sad” but when it’s your family they are talking about it’s a little harder to wrap your head around. If it wasn’t for the support we had through the first 4 to 5 weeks of bouncing around the country from Houston to Atlanta we would have never made it. And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. From hotels, to eating, to unexpected medical expenses that hit you left and right, we seriously thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


To the churches – we would never made it without these special people called Brothers in Christ and Sisters In Christ. What Godly people you all are.

To family, friends and complete strangers – Thank you for showing us the power of prayers

Knights of Columbus and Soileau Meat Market – This could not have been possible without the support and love from you guys – seriously you’re the best. Thaaannkkk you!



You know my mom has said this over the past few weeks: “you know you always hear about all the bad in the world going on today but there’s still a lot of good in this world too”

she is 100 percent spot on and it’s because of all of you

Finally I would like to say this –

If you’re a complete stranger following along this blog and you don’t have a church, if you don’t go to church or know what the word church is, I definitely think you should check into that. What do you have to lose? I don’t care if it takes you 34 visits to a church until you find the right church God is calling you to. When you know, it will hit you and you will know where you belong. God wants you to talk to him. Even if it’s praying in your car or five minutes in a break room. Go to him.

It seriously has taken me 31 years of being raised Catholic and I’m just now understanding what a huge responsibility it is, I also understand just how beautiful the Catholic Faith is now.

(Don’t judge, I’m a slow learner at life 😉)

I seriously could go on and on about this – but different blog for a different day on my Catholic Faith. If you don’t know how magnificent the power of the rosary is, learn it. It’s not just a Catholic thing.



“If there is no church, there is no happiness, if there is no happiness, there is no Heaven”



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