The Walking Dead && Uphill Giggles

Alright, story time peeps! This southern heat can be tough! I definitely couldn’t imagine being a walking dead zombie in this heat, but what if you had cancer walking uphill feeling like a real zombie –

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You see we were fortunate enough to have a family member living about 20 miles from CTCA, (double bonus a nurse at that) she would help run errands on her days off and while out and about one morning, she showed us around town and said; “you know they film the Walking Dead here Kacie”.

Nah, I didn’t know that. (Zombies aren’t really my thing and aren’t my idea of a fun time, but what eva) That’s cool!

She drove us right in the middle of where the cast and crew was filming in her neighborhood. Now, I have to admit it was pretty neat to see the production crew everywhere. She began to explain how annoying it was to have them there filming. Apparently this was a big to-do from detours, to road blocks, to on-set construction, set-ups and stuff like that.

Not thinking anything else about it, we had to bring my mom back to urgent care that same day, (round two) going on about our business at the treatment center and waiting for the shuttle bus to bring us back to our hotel. As we were driving along we pull up to see props with vehicles and equipment blocking the driveway to the hotel lobby. No sooner than we look to see what is going on, our bus driver says: “I’m sorry folks, but I have to let you out here”.

Like seriously?

You could imagine the expression on my face when I looked over to my parents and said: “it’s because of that walking dead crap”. I knew in that moment what our cousin was telling us about how annoying it was to have them film throughout the town.

So here we were walking uphill with all these cancer patients and my mom, freshly out of urgent care, my mom mumbled under her breaths: “they can just turn their cameras on me, I fit right in with those zombies, without make-up as slow as I’m walking”.

And bless her heart, she was serious. That is just the honor I have, having comedians for parents at times.

and being on the subject I couldn’t forget my dad…the walking dead was also filming around our hotel pool. While my dad and I were sitting on the balcony trying to snoop a tad, he would holler: “action” … Had to be there moment but made some great memories in a time of sorrow.

So may thanks to the walking dead for giving us a break between the tears, even if you made everyone walk uphill! It was worth the giggles hearing my mom and her off the wall thoughts!

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