Oh the endless possibilities of the things to do with your hair. However, during the summer months at the ball fields, all I wanted to do was cover my face with sunnies, and throw my hair up to feel the breeze on my neck, but what if you had to feel the breeze a different way?!

What if you had no other way to feel the breeze through a chemo shave?!

As I was in the CTCA salon with my mom, the stylist offered my mom a free chemo shave. However, she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her hair as of yet. I remember her stressing out about losing her hair. I honestly think she is more worried about losing her hair than receiving chemo itself.


As women our hair is like gold. So I could understand the tears my mom was fighting back as my dad and I were helping her pick a new-do! I can remember the exact words she said as we were helping her.

“I want a wig that covers my face”.

My mom has always been self-conscious about herself, her body and her appearance.

Growing up my mom has always wanted the very best for me. In fact, our nightly conversations end with her telling me to go brush my teeth, wash my face and put on lotion. Most would find that annoying and I’m not going to lie in my teenage years and starting my own life through my twenties, it was a little nerve-racking. I would end with… “I know mom.”


But now I want her to tell me those three golden rules every night for the rest of my life. I want to hear her voice for years to come.

I want you all to know that I’m very proud of the mom I have, and in return as I’m helping her through this horrible diagnosis or anyone who is having to go through this and having to lose their hair because they are fighting for their lives. I want you all to know you are beautiful. You have to remember to love yourself. As hard as it may be, the looks come within, not the appearance on the outside. It isn’t the way we dress.

Love yourself. Define it.

We are all different. We shouldn’t judge one another when we see them dressed or their hair fixed a certain way. Why? Because they don’t meet our standards?!

It really kills me when I hear girls making fun of other with a disability that they can not help, sometimes it’s even grown women who are old enough to know better.

So to all the women who have been bullied or that is facing a chemo shave or a change in your body, that you can not help like my mom, I’m so proud of you and you GO ROCK IT out in the world!

Now, with all that said below are some of the wigs we tried on my mom.

The Raquel Welch Wigs


My mom and everyone else who is having to buy wigs, you all deserve the best. These wigs are the highest-quality human and synthetic hair. (Heck, I even made the comment I was a little jealous picking out a wig.) These wigs actually look like your scalp is showing through. My dad and I went through several wigs on the top of my moms head. We tried to make her laugh with a few .. Below are a few pictures but once it hit her, she just knew. I’m going to be doing a big reveal as-soon-as I get her back home in her yard…

…What about this one mom? Nah


This one definitely looks like you mom! Nah


Ok, this one! This one covers half of your face, this is it! Nah


Www.. I want these for myself



DAD! Take that off of her, she looks like a 5 foot Rod Stewart


But then …. Then her beauty shined and she wore it the rest of the day. Her self-confidence was back. She was my mom again for that afternoon as she even added a little lipstick to top it off. I’ll never forget the day shopping for wigs at CTCA.


Kacie – stay tuned for the big reveal in the next couple of weeks.




  1. Ginny walley
    September 10, 2015 / 8:02 pm

    You are so special. I seen your mom and dad today. Your mom is so beautiful. It makes me sad that she doesn’t see it. Your dad looks good. He is sporting a mustache. Really cute! I love to see the way he looks at her. He is so in love with her.
    They put such a smile on my face when I see them. All of you have touched my life. Hugs!

    • Kacie
      September 13, 2015 / 1:21 pm

      I think you’re a very special lady yourself 😍 xoxox

      • September 14, 2015 / 8:57 am

        Thanks! I hope to see them today. Your mom puts a huge smile on my face ever time I see her. I hope you nd Cameron are doing good. Let me know if you need anything. Take care!

        • Kacie
          September 14, 2015 / 9:39 am

          Hopefully you can see her!! I just got off the phone with her and she said she felt good this morning. Hopefully I can run into you once I start flying back with her for chemo too

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