Sunday Love | Quick update

Hi friends, it’s Sunday morning and I’m back traveling to the Cancer Treatment Center Of America with my parents. This will be my mothers third round of chemo coming up this week, and so far she is responding well.

I have been extremely busy with these last couple of weeks and haven’t had the chance to share as many blog post as I would have liked, but man do I have a bunch in store coming for you to check out. I’m also excited to share two new stores I’m collaborating with that is in the works. Yay!!

Also if you haven’t gotten to check out my Instagram feed I just purchased a BIG time investment, and his name is Newnan. He is the sweetest labradoodle from Tennessee. I’m very grateful for my best friend helping me pick him out. I love you so much!

Which brings me to a little love post on this beautiful Sunday! These pictures are from inside the Monastery gift shop. The gift shop alone doesn’t have an online website, but if you ever get a chance when driving through Mobile, Alabama you should stop by for a tour! You won’t regret any purchase you make. They have a little something for everyone! Check them out below …

For me, the coolest thing about love is how enormously we trust it when we find it – believing in it so completely with an all-in / nothing can move us commitment. Our minds follow our hearts, take all the fear and uncertainty and swap it for blind faith we didn’t even know we had. That is something about love. Is it not?

So many people take love as a side dish when love should always be treated as the main course. I have always felt very strongly about this. Love is something you can’t play with but it’s so easy to get trapped in the game of it. I have a very precise idea of what it means to me at least. And there is nothing that can knock me off track about this feeling. This for me is a simple reminder that at its beginning and best, Love should always be two people on the same team.

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