Six End of September Festivals | Meat Pie Festival


I’m a festival type of gal. I don’t know if that comes from my pageant years or if I really enjoy the atmosphere of local venders but whatever the case I can tell you, you will most likely see me walking around with something good to eat in my hand. However, not so much meat pies, they suck to me. They are dry, greasy, and filled with ground meat. But that doesn’t stop me from bringing my family to enjoy our time together. This past weekend was the famous Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival. We arrived super early and left super quick. For one, it’s the starting of fall but it’s still hot-as-hell here in the south and with my mom having all kind of poison inside of her from chemo and antibiotics I can’t keep her out long. We toured a few local shops, made a quick run through of the venders, and had some of the best icy lemonade. We walked in the Catholic Cathedral for a few prayers and had a great time in the car visiting. My dad loves taking the road less traveled, so we detoured on the back roads through Kisatchie National Forest.   You see, my dad works as a heavy equipment operator for the government and he has wanted to show us the pond he built for the military men.  It’s pretty awesome to see him so proud of the work he does and to see my little Cameron light up around his pawpaw means everything to me.


After a little time spent exploring the riverside and making a plan for where to purchase what we came for (meat pie), we decided to retreat back to a beautiful spot along the river to take advantage of the flowers. Not only was this the perfect, ideal location, the history of the town was just exquisite and perfectly matched to my mom’s look – she had on the cutest mail lady shirt which had a slice of watermelon that said, “WHAT–R-U-Mail’N”!


I’m going to let the Catholic Cathedral speak for itself in the pictures below, but here is the link to visit if you are ever in Natchitoches. Also, be sure to get a newsletter in any church that you visit. Sometimes they have great articles and inspiring quotes like this one, “”Lord, you perfected my love so that I might surmount the dark entanglements of this world. Direct my desire toward the heavenly home so that I may be enriched with every good thing” – St. Augustine

If you’re not so sure what to do toward the end of September, I have listed a few Louisiana festivals I’m keeping my eye on as we head toward the end of summer and the first of Fall. Stay tuned for more festival updates!

Gueydan Duck Festival  – Gueydan 9/22

Fried Chicken Festival – New Orleans 9/22

Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival – New Iberia 9/29

Natchitoches Car Show – Natchitoches 9/29

Kentwood Fall Music Festival – Kentwood 9/29

Alligator Festival  – Luling 9/29

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