How Do You Deal With Anger

I often wonder why I blog. Or why I’m so drawn to the blogger world. Or why I long for it, like the other day I said to myself, “Kacie your dreams are someone else’s reality” – get over it! It left me perplexed and to some extreme, disappointed, but oddly enough, blogging brings me joy. I see myself differently. Is this the reason why I blog? Who knows.

When I’m alone I get so worked up and my emotions get the best of me. I end up having a good cry-out right before I scream to the Heavens above. It’s a total melt down. Sometimes there are no medications to help ease the pain, but I don’t think we are meant to be numb to our feelings. It’s how we channel that anger and what we do with it in the end.

Here is what I’ve learned about anger and ways to channel it for the good in a “holy joy” anger.

*Calm your anger and forgive your rage

*Do not give the devil a chance to work on you

*Let it go, let it go like water off a ducks back

*He who angers you, controls you

*Forget your own anger and continue to do good for others (example expiring others for the better through your pain)

What we are not to do with anger in a “sinful joy” anger.

*Fly off the handle Anger

*Revenge Anger

*Jealously Anger

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