Through My Lens | Galveston Island In 8 Hours

I think Galveston tops my list of most visited cities. A. it’s local. B. It’s affordable. If you look back through my blog, and Instagram, you’ll see I get the chance visit Galveston numerous times and whether it’s for 8 hours or for a couple of days, I feel that I always find myself discovering new places and lasting memories.

To me, Galveston an island full of foo and family fun. Recently, I took my mom and son to Pleasure Pier which is one of Galveston’s most visited attractions and just happens to be my sons favorite thing to do while on the island. My mother has never been on the island and here is what her first time on the island looked like.

I really treasured this day as not much was planned but riding this one special ride over and over and over and OVER! The Pirate’s Plunge! The two drops on this water ride was nothing short of excitement for these two. Their facial expressions will forever be imbedded in my memory. I also of course, was very much excited about showing my mom The Strand, which is a small shopping street with stores on each side The Strand. We came across this very cute candy store and my mom kept saying it was like she was in the Willy Wonka movie. I don’t have any pictures to share but I promise it will not disappoint. The candy store is called La King’s Confectionery.

Before we ventured off to The Strand for a little window shopping, we ate at the Rain Forest Café and in all honesty, don’t waste your money or time on this place. It’s extremely overpriced and not that wonderful. It’s basically paying for the atmosphere of the experience, with a bunch of motorized monkeys that freak you out, hanging from the ceilings and perch on the walls. Just be sure to budget ahead if you want to experience for yourself. For myself, my mother and my son came to a grand total of 85.00 and that was with no special drinks included or with any special sparklers in a scoop of ice cream.

I do suggest Fishtails or eating away from the seawall. You can scroll through my blog post and see more of my Galveston travel guides in past features. I highly recommend Beach Café. It’s a beautiful, peaceful restaurant away from the chaos.

I am able to experience so much life with my mother after a horrible past 3 years with so much going on with us through cancer. This time on our mother/daughter adventure we had the pleasure of another little soul who has been affected in the same way we have. This was a time to take fun photos, appreciate the fun moments and live with a few moments without anyone worrying about anything else.

God Bless You,
Kacie Carlson

Pleasure Pier

La Kong’s Confectioners

Galveston The Strand


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