Gulf Shores World Series Day 5 | What Makes You Hopeful For Your Childs Future

Here is a little different approach to a baseball blog on day five or our World Series ….The environment a child grows up in shapes their health and their mental and social development for the rest of their lives. Our modern, unwalkable suburban environments are contributing to childhood obesity, which has been widely linked to chronic diseases that in the past were only associated with old age. Our children need the exercise of everyday activities other than during a sporting season. If your child is like mine, he can’t wait to get home to an X-box and spend hours on the remote controller. Little does he know he isn’t the one in control, the remote is. After getting back from the World Series and as we say goodbye to the end of another season, he doesn’t have much to do with his time now. The down time shouldn’t have to be in front of a box. They need safe streets so they can become independent and explore their neighborhoods, sidewalks and other outdoor areas where they can play, meet friends, and interact with adults in the community. They need easy access to nature so they can see all the wonderful and beautiful gifts that are out there. They need to see the intriguing architecture, works of art and other places to stimulate their affections and imaginations. As my son becomes a teenager, he needs access by foot or bike to a wide variety of access to broaden his horizons. Don’t we all need these things?!  This day of baseball was a beautiful afternoon and the sun was setting just right over the field. It made me grateful to see our boys running, growing and socializing. What makes you hopeful for your childs future? Each one of us can make a brighter “off season” for our kids. Sidenote: Cameron (my son) had a serious cramp running to first, which was a hit down the line and made us win by one to the Chargers, (Texas team) and he milked it for all it was worth ☺️Best Wishes, Kacie


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